Corrective Muscular Therapy Center, LLC

  Clinical Massage Therapy & Orthopedic Manual Rehabilitation

Welcome to Corrective Muscular Therapy, LLC,

First of all, Corrective Muscular Therapy, LLC is a Professional Medical Massage & Rehabilitation Mobile Clinic providing throughout the Greater Michiana Community. This mobile clinic is simply NOT a spa! I offer Pain Management or Rehabilitation from a Post-Surgical Event, Car Accident, Workman's Injury, or even a Personal Injury. I will thoroughly consult with you before and after each treatment. I offer both intensive and maintenance treatment plans. A multidisciplinary treatments that focuses on your primary or secondary chief complaints.

I generally believe pain and true healing begins within the core. My ultimate mission is to find the source of your pain. Decrease that pain and inflammation, Increase proper nutritious circulation and range of motion.  Lastly, reeducate you to make it more manageable or tolerable. This starts with a Postural or Gait Analysis, 100% commitment to a treatment plan, and lastly patients/clients doing their homework at home.

I invite you, to browse around the website in order to learn a little more about Corrective Muscular Therapy, your Massage Practitioner, learn more about the advanced massage and manual rehabilitation modalities I practice. As well as, educate you on future prevention, therapeutic exercises, and products to help you in between sessions. I really look forward to helping you with managing pain and rehabilitate from postural dysfunction, injuries, and prepare for or post surgical events.  Further more, there is tons of great educative material for you to explore. We also have a great a referral program and professionals for you! 

Lastly, I look forward to meeting you and your family and friends!

Sarah Trueb, CMT